BodiFit offers a range of training options both face to face and online. Ultimately, our goal “inspire, educate and empower” is about making it easier for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Head on over to check out the exercise library videos and tune into the health and fitness blog for tips to get you inspired and motivated.

BodiFit Community provides monthly fitness and strength training via a 28 day training program, available from the website as PDF document. (Alternatively, you can print your program out).

BodiFit Online gives you access to sport specific programs –  OCR, triathlon, strength and running to name a few. BodiFit Online training programs are easily accessible as PDF document from the website. For BodiFit Online Personalised program please complete and return the BodiFit Online Personalised Introduction The beauty of online training is that no matter where you are, whether remote Australia, travelling abroad or you just prefer working out at home, you can make the most of regular training routines and focus on achieving your goals. 

BodiFit One-to-One offers 60 or 30 minute PT/ coaching sessions. Sessions can be indoor or outdoor. Complete the BodiFit PT Coaching Introduction and inquire via the contact form so we can find out what your goals are and which option suits you best. Head on over to the BodiFit One-to-One Booking Times for availability. If you can only do a Personal Training session every so often, get yourself a BodiFit Online 4 Week Personalised program and do it at your own pace and in your own time.

BodiFit Group is small face-face group coaching. Check out our class timetable and set your alarm for your first BodiFit Group session. Try to come 10 -15 minutes early on day one to welcome you to training.

BodiFit Mobility is a group class focused on strength, flexibility and balance. Session times are available on the class timetable . Be sure to 10 -15 mins early for your first session to meet the group.

BodiFit Kids is for children of school age. The session times can be viewed on the class timetable. Please arrive early to the first class.