No matter where you are, you can always keep up your training! Whether you are in a business hotel room, at your family home, camping out or a remote desert island (lucky you), you really don’t need much to get moving. As we start getting more online training programs together, we’ll be putting snippets up and sharing some other ideas – work trip hotel workouts – you’ll never have the “travelling for work excuse again” and you know what, we’ll be all the better for it!

BodiFit Bodyweight Workouts are basic routines but short and sharp with no equipment required. Got a run involved? Use a GPS or travel app for the distance. Park, beach, road, shopping mall (maybe not) – these are simple and fast enough to do while the other half is sun baking or doing the shopping but hopefully you can get them involved too.  Below you’ll find a start for all of you New Year’s holiday goers – simple, yet effective:

BodiFit 14 day Bodyweight Travel Workouts