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Leah provided me with a training programme that I could also follow at home and taught me the correct techniques for injury free training. I have seen the transformation in mind and body, and feel the best I have felt in a long time.


BodiFit Online Personalised + BodiFit One-to-One

Our trainers Leah and Alex first developed our skill, confidence and technique and helped us to rethink the way we trained. We were then lucky enough to participate in two ‘hurt challenges’ professionally organised by Leah and included up to 8 trainers. The first lasted 3 hours, the second 4 hours…it hurt but was awesome and certainly tested us to the max. We were also impressed that she was able to work around injuries, age was no barrier and ability did not matter.


BodiFit Group + Hurt Challenge

I did Wednesday night “Power” Sessions with Leah and Alex for close to 12 months. Every session was a great mix of cardio and strength and my lifting technique under their guidance went from non existent to being able to lift a decent weight safely and without risk if injury. I found them both to be excellent motivators. I have also completed the 3 & 4 hour Hurt Challenges and can’t wait for the next one, I just hope its not 5 hours.


BodiFit Group + Hurt Challenge

Leah was so motivating and knowledgeable in all areas of fitness. We trained and prepared to compete in the Spartan Challenge as well as Hurt Challenge. It was very inspiring!


Spartan Challenge + Hurt Challenge

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