Why BodiFit?

Simple, yet effective training programs that are both flexible and practical,  nutrition for healthy eating, a friendly and supportive community, both in person and online, and information on broader social and community events. BodiFit is all about  good health, good food and good fun. You’ll be able to find information on this page about BodiFit Community, Online training programs, One-to-One personal training/ coaching, Group Fitness and BodiFit mobility sessions. 

At BodiFit, we are driven by your goals and will help you reap the benefits of exercise and nutrition to feel better, improve your mood, become more alert and improve your ability to perform at your best, every day and whatever it is you do! It is our goal to always offer a variety of fitness training and program options that will help you reach your full human potential.

Our objectives are your reality!

Our training programs are designed to suit your needs, whatever your fitness level or age and can help you achieve life-changing results. We pride ourselves on encouraging positive lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and community participation. We will explore your goals with you, both personal and community based, and will help you achieve more than what you thought possible.

Our coaches have all competed at an international level in their chosen sport and have a wealth of knowledge in a broad range of fitness and sporting disciplines. We have experience working with diverse populations, and in specialty areas that include youth and older adults. We specialise in strength and cardiovascular training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, weight loss and sport-specific training.

We pride ourselves on continuing education and the pursuit of knowledge and hold a multitude of health and fitness related certifications and qualifications.  Head on over to the Who We Are page to find out more.