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Are you thinking about training for a specific sport and need some support or wanting to get yourself ready for a race or challenge? Stay motivated by stepping up to the challenge with BodiFit Online.

BodiFit Online offers personalised performance programming as well as sport specific online training programs for OCR, triathlon, running/cardio fitness and strength. BodiFit Online will give you the guidance and motivation for your next race or competition through a detailed and comprehensive sport performance-based program as well as guidance and support from the Community Members discussion group. If you are a BodiFit Online training member you receive; the training program, exercise library,  food diary review and access to the facebook group to chat with trainers. BodiFit Online Personalised Program also includes your own personal dashboard for discussing your progress directly with trainers. 

BodiFit Online OCR

Obstacle Course Racing program
  • BodiFit Online OCR offers general strength and conditioning combined with the skills required in an Obstacle Course Race (OCR). The program focuses on building aerobic fitness and strength across a broad range of training modalities.
  • $50 for one month access to download the E-Book training program

BodiFit Online Triathlon

Triathlon training program
  • BodiFit Online Triathlon gives you a structured program for swim, bike and run with the addition of strength and conditioning optional sessions each training day. The program takes a periodised approach to get you peaking in the weeks leading up to competition.
  • $50 for one month access to download the training program E-Book. 
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BodiFit Online Strength

Strength and conditioning program
  • BodiFit Online Strength gives you access to the performance training program to build strength and focus on lifting technique. This program incorporates powerlifting and weightlifting modalities to focus on strength gains and muscle mass.  
  • $30 for one month access to download the latest strength E-Book training program. 
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BodiFit Online Running

Running and cardio fitness program
  • BodiFit Online Running gives you a structured running and mobility program for building capacity and speed for run distances between 5 to 10km. The program is aimed at improving aerobic fitness whilst incorporating strength and flexibility for running races.
  • $30 for one month access to download the E-book training program. 
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BodiFit Online Personalised

Tailored Training Program
  • BodiFit Online 4 Week Personalised is a monthly program. Personalised Programming is a system designed to give you the know-how, motivation and support to tackle your next race day or competition. Periodisation breaks down your training into sections with specific goals in mind to get optimal results.

  • Personalised training programs can be done remotely and at your own leisure, either from your home or local gym and offer month by month periodisation training to get you race ready. We will ask a series of questions to get an understanding of your training availability, schedule and goals.
  • BodiFit Online Personalised Program members benefit from a personal dashboard for feedback on your program and progress.
  • To get started, please follow and complete >>> (click) >>> BodiFit Online Personalised Introduction
  • $100 / month on recurring basis until termination. No joining fee, no lock in contract and no cancel fee.
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How It Works


BodiFit Online Personalised: Complete and return the BodiFit Online Personalised Introduction to be able to start your individualised training program.